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Would you like to know one of the best kept secrets in Canada?

It is a secret that both cable and satellite providers have worked very hard to keep.

It all started 50 or so years ago (in Canada) when the first TV transmitter went "on the air". (Or Over The Air = OTA)

State of the art technology back then was analogue.

What the cable and satellite providers eventually cashed in on was the inherent problem with analogue TV broadcasts: poor audio and video performance.

The TV experience with a cable or satellite provider was superior to that of a pair of “rabbit ears”- for a fee of course.

So what has changed that you should know about?

That old school analogue TV broadcast has been phased out and digital OTA (Over The Air) for most Canadians is a reality !

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So what does that mean?

With an “old school” TV antenna you can get Crystal Clear audio and video !

Standard definition digital OTA TV signals are uncompressed and offer audio and video quality superior to that of regular cable and satellite providers !

Thats right ! An uncompressed OTA television signal will yield the best picture quality you have ever experienced on your TV!

Especially if that digital OTA signal is an HD (High Definition) signal ! The picture quality of an HD OTA signal displayed on your modern HD TV will shock you it is so good!

(unlike cable and satellite providers where the signal must be “compressed” to fit into the limited bandwidth of their medium)

So what is the secret the cable and satellite providers want to keep from you?

Digital OTA TV broadcasts are FREE !

HD Digital OTA broadcasts are FREE !

If you want HD from satellite and cable providers, they charge you extra !

If something is free there has to be a catch right?

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Would you like to know one of the best kept secrets in Canada?

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